IMAC Services

IMAC Services

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New technology, larger offices, and more employees can be challenging for some businesses to accommodate. Ammacore can assist you with all of your Installations, Moves, Adds and Changes (IMAC).

Our qualified technicians can handle nearly every facet on your needs. In addition, our professional staff will work with you to ensure everything runs seamlessly. Examples of Moves, Adds, & Changes work:

  • Adding or removing workstations, network equipment, printers, or digital displays
  • Adding or moving wireless access points
  • Change router/switch configurations
  • Technology deployment to upgrade system software
  • Reconfigure patch panels
  • Moving POS devices from one location to another
  • Adding or expanding a network cabinet
  • Adding additional cable runs

Contact us today and let’s talk about the many ways we can keep your customers’ business running smoothly.