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Technology should be an asset for your business, not another challenge for you to overcome.

Ammacore is a premier provider of technology-based enterprise business solutions, including Information Systems, Human Resources, Logistics, Financial Services, and Operations Consulting. We provide access to a comprehensive, nationwide portfolio of highly trained and exceptionally responsive industry experts able to deliver solutions for your customers’ installation, repairs, and relocation needs.

Through our unrivaled Event Management Process, we are able to identify the right resources, with the proper credentials, tools and superior track record of performance to manage your customers’ project on time and on budget. Our rigorous standards for communication ensure our team remains aware of the progress, down to every detail. We communicate often and thoroughly with our experts when they’re on the field and can identify any conflicts or obstacles in the process long before they become a problem that can delay timelines. Because our superior resource identification protocols allow us to hone in and dispatch only the most talented and capable resources, you’re assured an experienced team with advanced knowledge on almost every possible variable of “what could go wrong” and the know-how to minimize the impact of these variables.

When you work with Ammacore, you have a partner that views the needs of your customers, however big or small, as another aspect of managing our operations. We stand behind our services and resources. If your experience with us is less than satisfactory, contact our Client Service team and give us an opportunity to make things right. In the unlikely event that we’re not able to correct the situation, we will refund your service fees.

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